Pokémon Go: beneficial in more ways than one

The setting sun did not deter aspiring Pokémon trainers from gathering around Scranton’s Courthouse Square Tuesday night. Shouts of “over there,” followed by pointing and fast-paced walking became a familiar sight as dozens used their cellphones as guides, all keeping an eye out for something rare. Someone announced an Eevee was near, a creature with brown fur and a… Read More Pokémon Go: beneficial in more ways than one

Freshly picked

This week, I took adventure and picked tons of strawberries on a local farm. They are so sweet and delicious, and perfect.  So, as I think of things to make with these freshly picked strawberries, I decided breakfast would help me think. So, I made a smoothie with my freshly picked strawberries. A strawberry, toasted… Read More Freshly picked