Networking IS important

Last night I visited downtown Scranton to walk around First Friday (as I often do on the first Friday of every month) to see what this month’s talent had to offer.

What is First Friday? Well, I would be happy to tell you. First Friday is only the single most amazing event to happen downtown. I’m completely serious. Every first Friday of the month downtown Scranton becomes a bustling art crazed city (as it is most of the time) where local artists, musicians, and craftsman come together and display their art or show off their talent in local galleries, shops, restaurants, and other venues. It’s quite the event to be at.

The Indigo Moon Brass Band playing in The Workshop.

Anyway, while downtown I couldn’t help but think about how important First Friday is. This thought occurred while I was in The Workshop, talking to the owner. As we are talking about information I will be using in an upcoming article, in walks a “band” consisting of many trumpets, a tuba, various types of drums, and maybe one or two other instruments that have managed to slip my mind. The band, Indigo Moon Brass Band, played their hearts out to the gallery goers in The Workshop and managed to put a smile on everyone’s face as they danced to their own tune.

Once the band existed The Workshop, I continued my interview. Once finished, I couldn’t help but think to myself how I’ve grown as a journalist and a photographer because of First Friday. Networking is HUGE, especially in my field. As I went from shop to shop, various venue owners made comments like, “hey aren’t you that girl always taking pictures of events downtown?” And I couldn’t help but hug my camera a little tighter and say, “why yes, yes I am.”

In such a small, close knit community people begin to notice what you do, who you are and what you’re about. So, take time to stop, grab that picture, ask that question, or just smile. I promise, it goes a long way.


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