You think you’re really pretty



Hello, good morning or afternoon or whatever it may be where you are. Wherever that is, I hope the sun is shining and your day is grand.

This morning while drinking my cup of coffee (or cups) I started thinking. I have been hearing a lot about this and I have been wondering, what the hell is a “selfie stick?”

If you don’t know what a selfie is, it is when you take a picture of yourself and post it on various forms of social media.

Is it odd to be thinking about this thing so much?

Well, I work in retail and everyday leading up to the holidays and a few days after, I would receive a minimum of ten calls a day asking for this THING and angry or disappointed parents and/or grandparents would shout at me in disapproval of our lack of inventory of this magical stick.

All I can picture when I hear the words “selfie stick” is…



I thought maybe this whole selfie stick thing was a joke and that it’d blow over but, oh boy was I wrong.

I recently went to New York City on a lovely day trip. When in New York City it’s expected to be stopped on the street by a random stranger who awkwardly and nervously asks “will you take a picture of us?” Then once you take their picture, they usually return the favor. It’s an ongoing cycle.

Well, I guess I am way behind the times! As I made my way to Rockefeller Center and my boyfriend and I scanned the crowd for the perfect couple who we could exchange this photo taking process with all I saw was people with outstretched arms holding these sticks that had their phones placed on top. DOZENS OF THEM! 

After a brief moment of disbelief, I rubbed my eyes to see if this nightmare was still there, and thought to myself “these must be it, the legendary selfie sticks.”

Then I began to wonder, what happened to society that took us from casually asking each other for a photo with our loved ones to posing by oneself (or sometimes with others) in front of various monuments or historical structures. Is it the fact that so many of us strive to keep up an online persona of perfection and complete bliss? Or is it the fact that the digital age has hindered our ability to talk to people face to face, changing the ways in which we communicate so that oneself can now handle everything on their own? Or do we now more than ever live a complete narcissistic society? “So, you agree? You think you’re really pretty,” ran through my mind with each selfie stick I saw. Maybe Regina George was onto something.

I hope to figure out what this selfie stick is all about.


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