One day, festival survival guide

Last year I made a Festival Survival guide for those of you who plan to dance a few days away barefoot at your favorite festival this summer. Usually, I spend four days in the sweltering heat, camping at Firefly Music Festival, and I love it. However, the adult world has spoken, and I am only able to attend one day this year (better than nothing, right?) So, I decided that I will share with you one-day festival goers how you should prepare for your day of fun in the sun.

1.) Sun screen


Don’t ask questions, just do it. Unless your goal is to look like a dancing lobster, then in that case, forget the sun screen.

2.) Snacks


While you may just be going for the day, pack a few granola bars or your favorite snack. Festival food is damn expensive, and you won’t want to break the bank every time you get the munchies. Plus, you can share with friends or fellow festival goers (promise they will love you for it).

3.) You need a backpack


Stop trying to look cute bringing a fashionable purse and bring a durable back pack instead. It’s easier to carry and you can fit a lot of things in it (because you won’t want to run back to the car).

4.) Cash flow


Bring enough for the day in cash. Debit cards – while great – aren’t festival friendly. You’ll need to buy food and water, and try not to spend tooooooo much at those super cute stands.

5.) Bring a water bottle


Chances are you will have to buy water. But, there are also plenty of stations to fill up. So bring in an empty water bottle or two and fill them up! ALSO… Stay hydrated!

6.) Have fun


If anything else, and you’re completely unprepared, just have fun! Dance the day away, laugh, sweat, drink, and eat. Since you’ll only be going the day, take comfort in knowing that you’ll get to shower soon.


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