I bet Snoop Dogg is happy

If you haven’t checked your calendar (or iPhone screen) and you’re wondering why Snoop Dogg memes are taking over, let me fill you in. Today is 4/20 aka “marijuana day.” 

Proclaimed an almost national holiday and “Black Friday” for marijuana merchants, it’s come to be a day of celebration, consumption, laughs, and political appeals to legalize.

If you’re looking to celebrate, I suggest listening to some of these classic songs take pay homage to the toke: 

1. Because I Got High- Afroman

2. Hits from the Bong- Cypress Hill

3. Smoke that Weed- Snoop Dogg

4. Smoke Two Joints- Sublime

5. Where’s Da Bud- Three 6 Mafia

6. Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath 

7. The Joker- The Steve Miller Band

8. Kaya- Bob Marley

9. Legalize it- Peter Tosh

10. Got to Get you Into My Life- The Beatles


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