I am here as a writer, a photographer, and one with passionate feelings. I’m a graduate from Marywood University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, specifically in Broadcast Journalism.

I have become quite obsessed with the way words flow from my mind, through the pen, and onto paper. So much so, that I want to spend my life doing just that. I also have a deep desire to be a photographer. Through my love of words and my need to see the world through a lens, I hope to one day be a photojournalist who travels the world documenting every sight I see.

I am extremely outgoing. I am also never afraid to voice my opinion, which is both a blessing and a curse. I have a loud mind and too many thoughts, it’s impossible to keep them all to myself. I am an enthusiast of nature and a lover of all things beautiful and unique.

aut abroad

I have another blog reserved for travel, The Adventures of Autumn G. I visited Ireland in May of 2014 and as part of my adventure, I was tasked with blogging about Ireland and all of its beauty. I decided I will continue to use the blog however, it is only for grand adventures (like visiting other countries). My thinking is that maybe that will push me to take bigger leaps and always seek to visit somewhere greater.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of this beautiful world through my eyes.




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